Baby Sign Language

Overcoming Communication Barriers with SignShine Baby Sign Language

Communicating with their child can be a challenge for some parents. Calming a crying baby is not a piece of cake and sometimes parents are unable to cope with these tantrums because they don’t know what’s wrong.

Nothing can be worse than not understanding your baby as it makes you feel like the worst parent in the world.

How to stop feeling this way? SignShine baby sign language is the answer.

SignShine is a communication center launched by Etel Leit in 2005 where American Sign Language is taught to children and toddlers.

This means that even before your baby learns how to talk, they will be able to use sign language to communicate with you. One of the most wonderful moments you will experience is watching your baby’s face light up when they sign and realize you understood them. Simple and fun ways are used for teaching kids how to sign like games and songs, which makes it easier for them to learn. As a matter of fact, children suffering from cerebral palsy and autism who are unable to communicate properly can also benefit from SignShine baby sign language.

The good thing about SignShine baby sign language is that it can be used for people of all ages, which means even adults can reap its benefits. It is a healthy way of using language and will enable people to communicate their needs and wants, which will bring a major positive change in different aspects of your life such as career, relationships and body.